The amount of medical equipment used in research published in reputable journals is one of the indicators that we pay attention to when purchasing equipment. There are reputable sites that index scientific articles and can help us investigate this issue.

The Google Scholar site is one of these sites that can provide us with more details due to the power of its search engine. Articles published in 2018 separately in neurofeedback, biofeedback, QEEG, electrical brain stimulation tDCS and magnetic brain stimulation rTMS were extracted from this site. Then, each of these fields were searched along with the brand of the devices provided by Farmad Tazeez, the results of which you can see in the figure below.

It is a matter of pride for our collection that these results show that compared to all the brands offered in Iran and even in most cases in the world, Farmed Tehzih devices have the largest share of articles. We are always committed to our slogan of providing the best modern neuroscience equipment in Iran. Our effort is to provide a diverse range of the best and most up-to-date equipment in the world that can meet all the needs of our clients in treatment and research. At the same time, we make sure that these equipments are the easiest and most convenient to use, so that therapists and researchers can focus more on more important issues.

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