with eVu-TPS biofeedback; Clinical power at your fingertips

There are times when anxiety takes control of our lives. When we want to make important decisions, it keeps us motionless and stands in our way. When we need to perform at our best, it prevents us from showing our true strength and talent. Chronic anxiety is usually treated with medication and reduces the severity and frequency of its symptoms, but it usually has adverse effects. In the last 30 years of research, it has been determined that our nervous system can self-regulate with training.

This new biofeedback technology that I am introducing to you can help you become more aware of your subtle and unconscious reactions to stress and you will learn to maintain a calm mind and gain more control over your emotions without much effort and pressure. have your own

When anxiety becomes a problem

It’s time to take control.

A biofeedback sensor for 3 important parameters

The eVu-TPS biofeedback finger sensor is attached to a finger with a fabric strap and detects three parameters and displays them on the mobile phone app.

  • Heart rate changes (HRV)
  • Skin Conductance
  • Skin Temperature

All detected data can be viewed in real time via Bluetooth on the mobile phone.

Heart Rate Variability

When you are resting, a healthy heartbeat should speed up when you inhale and slow down when you exhale. These moment-to-moment changes in heart rate tell us whether the nervous system is physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy or not. Studies have shown that high heart rate variability is associated with higher resilience against psychophysiological disorders as well as positive emotions and views on life. Stress, especially when it is long-term, reduces heart rate variability. Exercising to increase heart rate changes using slow breathing reduces the effects of stress on the nervous system and thus leads to a reduction in negative psychophysiological issues.

skin conductance

Emotional arousal affects the pores on the surface of our skin, which in turn creates noticeable changes in the sweating system. Measuring surface conductance across the surface of the skin is a telling biometric for our understanding of mental engagement and stress.

Skin Temperatures

Cold hands are not only due to the winter weather, but it is a sign of the body’s reactions to anxiety and high stress. When we experience a stressful moment, the body responds by diverting the blood flow away from the finger. The logic behind this is that in the fight or flight response, the blood moves to the more necessary areas. Repeated or continuous stress leads the body to the fight and flight mode. When the body goes to the relaxation response, the blood flow is allowed to return to the peripheral parts of the hands and leads to warming of the fingers.

eVu-TPS; An important need for neurofeedback-biofeedback therapists

This sensor is a self-adjusting tool for clinical and home use by clients. Today, most people are using smartphones and tablets to surf the Internet, play games, and read emails. Now, they can use their cell phones to tune their nervous system, measure their stress levels, and train their ability to focus.

Specialists in the field of biofeedback are always looking for an ideal companion to increase the effectiveness of the therapeutic activities of their clients, who do not need any technology beyond TPS for this purpose. The small and portable nature of the TPS sensor makes it ideal to lend or prescribe to clients for training at home or at work.

If your clients have 5 minutes,

So they will have enough time to practice with this sensor