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In cooperation with the Research Institute of Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University

The use of neuroscience-based equipment such as neurofeedback, tDCS brain electrical stimulation, biofeedback, qEEG, etc. in treatment and research is expanding at a high rate of growth in the world. Proper learning of these methods to use them correctly is the principle of experts and therapists committed to increase the quality of their work, whether in providing better services to their clients or research work.

At the beginning of our activities in 2006, we at Farmed Tehzih Company, considering the existing knowledge gap in this field, tried to establish a bridge between the main experts and domestic professors of the country by communicating with international educational institutions in this field. We invited foreign professors to attend Iran and hold specialized workshops.

We provided a suitable platform for domestic professors so that they can continuously benefit from current knowledge and be able to expand it in Iran. We were able to obtain the representation of the European Biofeedback Foundation BFE in the Middle East and implement world-class educational standards in Iran. Finally, present these activities regularly in the form of educational workshops.

In 1392, in order to focus and increase the quality and after experiencing the problems of outsourcing scientific and educational topics and according to the defined principles of this collection that mixing educational and commercial topics will cause problems in this field, a special strategic unit was introduced and created with We named Farmed School.

Due to the promotion of the position and becoming the Center of Excellence of the European Biofeedback Foundation in the Middle East, as well as the expansion of educational content and the creation of a faculty, in 1400 Farmed School became Farmed Academy.

This collection, which undoubtedly required special scientific and executive ability to achieve its goals, met with an unexpected welcome from experts. The lack of commercial attitude, supervision of international educational institutions on the content and quality of courses, the continuity and continuity of the order and manner of holding workshops, and the favorable geographical dispersion made the quality of the courses held at Farmed Academy to be significantly higher than similar courses held.

Farmed Academy workshops

کارگاه نوروفیدبک عمومی
کارگاه نوروفیدبک پیشرفته
کارگاه استرس و تنش
کارگاه ضربان قلب HRV
کارگاه نقشه مغزی QEEG
کارگاه تحریک الکتریکی مغز
کارگاه بیوفیدبک کف لگن
کارگاه نوروفیدبک و بیوفیدبک در درمان میگرن

Farmed Academy;

Official representative of Biofeedback Foundation Europe (BFE) in the Middle East

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Farmed Academy workshops

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