Supporting research projects:

Supporting the basic and applied projects of researchers interested in neuroscience with the aim of helping advance the boundaries of this knowledge and promoting our beloved country as one of the poles of the Middle East in this field is one of the main goals of Farmed School. These supports are provided in the following two sections:

  • Scientific support includes communicating with reputable international centers in this field, providing the necessary facilities to participate in online courses, as well as using the guidance of prominent professors of the country.
  • Provide the necessary equipment to carry out the project.

All researchers who are interested in receiving these supports can send their proposal (clearly and at most two pages) to research[at]farmedschool[dot]org to be reviewed by faculty members of Farmed School. Please also mention your complete information in the submitted plan.

Currently, these supports can be provided in QEEG brain map, Eye-Tracking, ERP event-related potential, neurofeedback, biofeedback, and tDCS.

Translation and authoring support:

Another goal of Farmed collection is to support the development of neuroscience, to support authoring and translation in this field. Among the books that have been published with the support of this collection so far:

  • Applied electrophysiology, respected publications
  • Sports psychology (use of neurofeedback and biofeedback in sports) Danje publications
  • Hyperactivity in colloquial language, Mehrsa Publications

Those who are interested in writing or translating authoritative reference books, articles, guides and instructions can send their details to the email publish[at]farmedschool[dot]org so that the necessary arrangements can be made.