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With two decades of cooperation with the world’s leading brands in the field of neuroscience, Farmed Tehzih Company, as the first supplier of products in the field of neuroscience, is committed to your basic education and success. Join us in the wonderful journey of the world of neuroscience. As the most reliable specialized company in this field, Farmed Tehiz is proud to have contributed, however small, to the scientific development of this field in our beloved country. The scientific and fundamental efforts made by all members of this dynamic family, including experts, engineers, researchers, etc., which have been accompanied by the holding of more than 300 international scientific workshops and the exchange of a large amount of knowledge and experience, have led to the fact that today our beloved country and honorable experts in The category of the most quality countries in the region and without exaggeration and using international evidence and observations to be one of the most important countries in the world. We offer our services in three areas: brain monitoring, brain stimulation and brain training. Hoping for our beloved country to rise in the field of neuroscience.

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In line with our promise to provide you with standard neuroscience training

An exceptional opportunity to access the most complete neurofeedback/qEEG course in improving performance with the presence of an official BFE instructor

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Specialized workshop on the use of neurofeedback and brain mapping in improving performance

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At the beginning of our activities in 2006, we at Farmed Tehzih Company, considering the existing knowledge gap in this field, tried to establish a bridge between the main experts and domestic professors of the country by communicating with international educational institutions in this field. We invited foreign professors to attend Iran and hold specialized workshops. We provided a suitable platform for domestic professors so that they can continuously benefit from current knowledge and be able to expand it in Iran. We were able to obtain the representation of the European Biofeedback Foundation BFE in the Middle East and implement world-class educational standards in Iran. Finally, present these activities regularly in the form of educational workshops.

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In the last 50 years, neuroscience has made significant advances in the understanding of neural processes. The creation and development of various methods of examining the functioning of the nervous system has given neuroscientists many opportunities to investigate and answer questions such as how changes in the brain lead to disease or what makes the human brain unique. Understanding the dynamic complexity of the nervous system is a research challenge in the world of science. The analysis of the nervous system includes several levels from the cellular and molecular domain to the systemic, computational and cognitive examination of the brain. The specific topics that form the main focus of neuroscience research will change over time, and data and results will be added to with increasing knowledge and the creation of new methods and technologies.

Neurology is one of the medical specialties that studies the nervous system and its disorders. In neurology, the knowledge of neuroscience and neurology is used to prescribe medicine and treat patients who have damage to the central nerves. But neuroscience or neuroscience is an interdisciplinary knowledge that studies the structure, function, genetics and physiology of the system and the mechanisms of the central nervous system.

Neuroscience is actually a field of research and research in the field of brain and nerves, psychiatric diseases and disorders and understanding the relationship between different topics with neurological issues that are not related to the visit and treatment of patients.

Neuroscience also unites with the social and behavioral sciences, as well as emerging interdisciplinary fields such as neuroeconomics, decision theory, social neuroscience, and neuromarketing, to address complex questions about the brain’s interactions with its environment. For example, a study on consumer responses used EEG to examine the neural connections associated with narrative transitions to stories about energy efficiency.
Neuroscience is related to various related sciences including cognitive science, behavioral science, neuroscience, psychology, biochemistry, brain biology and other fields. Therefore, neuroscience, as a cross-cutting discipline, plays an important role in better understanding the brain function and the behavior of humans and other creatures.
Research in the field of neuroscience is very important in medical sciences, behavioral sciences, teaching and learning, psychology, artificial intelligence and other fields and can help to better understand the functioning of the brain and improve human life.