In Farmed Group, in line with the vision and mission statement of our organization, we have prepared special and diverse programs in the field of education, research programs and introduction of modern technologies and methods in the form of Farmed School. You can join Farmed’s big family of 15,000+ people to learn about these activities and be informed about their details. The purpose of this work is to realize one of the main goals of Farmed, that is, to create a focal point for those interested in this field to gather and establish a relationship between them.


  • Receive the latest news from domestic and international training courses
  • Receive the latest news, events and authoritative articles in the field of neuroscience in Iran and the world
  • Discount in registration of training programs
  • Inviting interested parties to cooperate in research works
  • Supporting the researches of the members of the collection
  • Introducing work opportunities to the members of the course

Keep in mind that all the information in the registration form is in order to provide better services to you dear contacts. Therefore, please enter the information correctly and use sufficient accuracy in completing the form. Also, Farmed Group ensures that your information will be kept safe in this company and no one outside the group will be able to access this information.

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