Farmed Academy workshops

Farmed Academy, the only official representative of the European Biofeedback Foundation in the Middle East, in cooperation with the Shahid Beheshti University Brain and Cognitive Sciences Research Institute, organizes its educational workshops in the field of neuroscience online and in person.
The difference between face-to-face and online courses and the constant sensitivities of Farmed Academy on the quality of the course prompted the executive and scientific team of the complex to provide an opportunity to meet the expectations of the participants by examining the details of the courses as much as possible:
  • The courses are divided into short half-day periods so that maximum educational efficiency can be achieved in each day. The time interval between the training days is considered in such a way that, in addition to creating an opportunity to review the previous trainings, it is possible for the participants to implement the solutions of the practical part of the courses.
  • The courses are interactive and in addition to the possibility of asking questions during the presentation, the participants can also run the software on their computer during the practical part and run the software part in sync with the instructor without the need for a device.
  • Due to the extensive network of Farmed Group across the country, it is possible to coordinate the practical parts of the workshops in most parts of the country by experts approved by Farmed Academy’s scientific team.
  • In addition to the troubleshooting course and specific questions and answers for the participants of each course, as in the past, the practical and technical support of Farmed Academy is also available to the participants after the courses so that they can solve their questions and problems.
In these courses, teaching is done by the best professors in this field, who have teaching approval from the European Biofeedback Foundation International Institute (BFE).
For more information and pre-registration of training courses, you can contact us in any of the following ways:
  • Contact Farmed training department: 88503633 extension 331
  • Send your contact number in the comments section (your number will not be shown to others.)
These courses are a new step in providing educational services of Farmed Group, which we are trying to provide in the best possible way and to get your satisfaction dear experts.

“In Pursuit Of Neuroscience Magic”

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