EEG device model eego™ mylab

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The eego™ mylab EEG device of ANT Neuro, the Netherlands company, a leader in multi-purpose brain research, which with a sampling rate of up to 16 kHz, from 32 channels to 256 channels and special software features, allows specialists to have a unique and deep understanding of the human brain.

دستگاه EEG

Ideal both for the research of various EEG indicators such as SSVEP, AEP, MMN, P300 and N2pc and other possible combinations such as TMS, EMG, MEG and tDCS/tACS

Relying on high sampling rate, high channel number and exclusive active shield technology, EEG quality remains optimal even in adverse environments.

The performance of the system is such that EOG, ECG, EMG, respiration, temperature, skin conductance and accelerometry can be easily added to it.