eego™ sports EEG device

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With just one look at the specifications of the eego™ sports EEG device of the Dutch company ANT Neuro, you can understand that it is designed for research on the move: a battery with a 5-hour working life, a weight of only 500 grams, and high signal quality are only part of it. This device offers high-quality recording of EEG along with other physiological parameters such as EMG while providing complete freedom of movement.

It has the ability to add all kinds of extensions and modules that researchers are interested in for a better understanding of cognitive processes and body movements. EEG recording can be done in any environment and any reference, even professional athletes during activity.

In the eego™ sports EEG device, all recorded data is stored on a tablet with an amplifier that is located in a backpack. This has a great advantage in preventing data loss. The tablet and the amplifier are directly connected to each other, and the data transfer does not depend on the quality of the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, and the data is stored securely. It is possible to access the data by connecting a computer to the tablet.

8-bit trigger output facilitates synchronization with EEG/ERP stimulation and recording software in various frameworks.

This powerful device with high adaptability is used for comprehensive and reliable integration of mind and body data in real situations.