Magnetic brain stimulation device MAGSTIM TMS RAPID2

The rTMS device of the Super Rapid family of the Magstim UK company is the best-selling rTMS device in Iran, which has been able to satisfy experts due to the high quality of the device, air cooling system, simple and touch user interface, and most importantly, the unique ability to maintain the stimulation power in repeated pulses. attract

The ability of these devices is to stimulate up to 100 Hz, which is specified in the table below for different models separately, and it is completely suitable for clinical protocols and therapeutic research. Thera-burst stimulation capability is also available in Super Rapid2 and Super Rapid2 Plus1 models. This feature enables stimulation with more pulses in a shorter period of time and shortens the duration of treatment sessions. It is possible to connect the EMG module, which is a useful tool in research work, in this device. The stimulation of this device is biphasic.

This family of rTMS device has FDA approval for Treatment-Resistant Depression.

In addition to clinical applications such as depression, this device also has the capability of single pulse stimulation to stimulate the cerebral cortex and peripheral nerves.


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magstim is a pioneering company in the field of magnetic brain stimulation that started working in England in 1982. This company is actually the first manufacturer of rTMS devices in the world, and with the ever-increasing development of technology, it supplies equipment with the highest effectiveness to the whole world. For this reason, as well as due to the high quality and accuracy of this company’s devices, most of the research in the field of rTMS in the world has been done with magstim devices.
magstim specialists and researchers in two offices in England (Wales) and America (Minnesota) always strive to update and upgrade the standard and performance of rTMS devices in the world, and the result of these efforts is the leadership position of this company in the field of magnetic stimulation in the world. So that the standards of this field are usually defined based on the performance of this company’s devices.
Magstim devices are used both for treatment and for neurological research. This company’s device and coils have received FDA approval for MDD, OCD and Anxious Depression disorders as an effective, non-invasive and outpatient treatment with few known side effects. Nearly 16,000 published studies worldwide refer to the use of Magstim devices. The diversity in the product models of this company provides users with the versatility and capability needed for a wide range of research applications. This company is proud to receive this name with representation in more than 70 countries and installations in more than 90 countries around the world.