TMSnavigation device ANT – Visor 2

Highest accuracy and performance with ANT neuronavigation

Neuronavigation device of ANT Netherlands company
Compatible with rTMS devices of all reputable companies
FDA approved
Can be used in TMS, EEG/EMG



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The visor2™ navigation device is a neural navigation solution for cutting-edge neuroscience research and precision clinical treatment with non-invasive magnetic stimulation (TMS).

The visor2™ guides the user through visual step-by-step workflows during a guided TMS (nTMS) session, from managing patient data by entering individual MRI data, to setting motor thresholds for personalized TMS and navigation-compatible TMS coil targeting.

The visor2™ is compatible with most TMS coils and actuators from all major TMS manufacturers and can be cost-effectively integrated into existing TMS setups. Flexible configuration and configuration of the visor2™ system easily adapts to your needs and budget with extensive monitoring licenses for use in clinical settings.

visor2™ also supports a wide range of nTMS applications in neuroscience, such as simultaneous EEG-TMS recording and language mapping with flexible and powerful task management.