Before holding one of the neurofeedback workshops, questions about neurofeedback and its effectiveness and the content of the workshop were asked in a group, which are collected here. If you have any questions, be sure to ask in the comments section.

Hello. I have a question, if you can answer it. Can neurofeedback work by participating in this course?

Hello. Yes. The course is planned in a theoretical-practical and practical way. In this course, in addition to being familiar with the discussion of neurofeedback in general, treatment protocols for disorders for which neurofeedback works very well, including ADHD, anxiety, sleep problems, and mild depression, will be taught so that you can start working.

Hello. Is neurofeedback really effective or not?؟

Hello. This question cannot be answered with a yes or no. Just as every treatment method has its own considerations, so does neurofeedback. If it is used correctly and in the right place, it can be useful. Unfortunately, the exaggeration of the impact of neurofeedback has caused a wrong negative view of it. While it really works very well in many places.

Hello, any activity in the field of psychology requires a permit and license from the psychology system.

Hello. Yes, it is definitely the same. I meant from the scientific point of view that sometimes some people think that only the basics of neurofeedback are mentioned in this course. On the other hand, this method is an interdisciplinary field, and in addition to psychology, other fields such as psychiatry, neurology, occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc. can use this method. Also, there are people who do not have the license of the center from the psychology or welfare system organization, and they use this method to treat clients in other centers or psychiatrists’ offices.

I saw cases that went and did not get an answer. How can you be sure that a person is doing the right thing؟

Basic and correct diagnosis of the client’s problem (coexistence of disorders It causes that sometimes a person has anxiety, which also causes attention problems, but the therapist wants to solve the attention problem with neurofeedback, which does not work well as a result).
Determining the right protocol: which area of the brain and which brain waves should be corrected.
Proper implementation of the protocol: It is wrong to imagine that by placing the electrode on the head, the device will automatically perform the treatment. During the session, the therapist should be active and use his specialized skills. That is why unrelated fields cannot and should not use this method.
If any of these are not there, the whole neurofeedback will be called into question. Currently, there is no supervisory authority. However, the minimum required is that the person has passed a valid course and has a certificate and does this work in a licensed center.

Hello. Is neurofeedback useful for people with schizophrenia? If so, to what extent and is it useful for my anxiety?

no No strong and reliable study has been done for schizophrenia, and not only is it not recommended, but it is also among the cases of non-use due to the nature of the disorder.

Thank you for your answer for anxiety.

For anxiety, an effectiveness level of 4 out of 5 is reported (based on research). If you use it along with breathing and relaxation exercises, you will definitely get a very good answer.


Another question during this course that you posted, how much can we master the concepts of neurofeedback and can it be useful for us? And before participating in this workshop, do we need to study in a specific field to better understand the concepts?

During nearly ten years of activity, we held nearly 150 public neurofeedback courses. Experience has helped us to arrange the topics in such a way that you will find the ability to start the work therapy. Get the neurofeedback basics book if you want. Along with the book course (including the English version of this book), you will be given articles on CD that you can read to complete the topics. The CD is part of the workshop package, which is provided for free.

Hello, sorry, I didn't understand, it means that we put the device on the patient's head and after the EEG it gives, we understand what the patient's problem is, that is, the frontal lobe and the temporal lobe, now it is related to the right or left hemisphere, and we have to know these completely, and after the diagnosis, how is the treatment? ?!

Yes. Evaluation of references is among the topics that are discussed. There is no linear relationship between the brain scan and psychological problems, but it can show us what kind of problem a person is likely to have. Training on measuring the points where the electrode should be placed is taught in a practical way in the workshop.

Neurofeedback only stimulates parts of the brain, apart from this, what other methods does the therapist use to complete her treatment, does she have drug therapy as well?

For the treatment according to the diagnosis of the therapist, among the treatment methods that are suitable for the clients, they should be used side by side. Neurofeedback does not interfere with drug treatment and if the doctor deems it appropriate, he uses it. Only the doctor should be informed to gradually reduce the amount of medicine during the treatment with neurofeedback.

Excuse me, is neurofeedback suitable for those who have not yet had the experience of conducting an interview with a patient and are not yet professionals in the field of counseling and psychology, or rather, are they at the bachelor's level?

At least a bachelor’s degree is required to attend the course. The more experience you have in working with references, the easier your cartoon will be.” css=”.vc_custom_1633948921969{margin-top: 50px !important;margin-bottom: 50px !important;}”]The degree is in English and is offered by the European Biofeedback Foundation. In Germany and many prominent countries of the world that follow a single law, passing a workshop for a certain number of hours, followed by an internship, and then passing an exam is a necessary condition for working in this field. This workshop fills part of those required hours. If you want more information, please let me know the source site.

It is very good that you gave this opportunity so that all applicants in the cities can use this course, but I wish you would give us an opportunity to work in counseling centers or hospitals as interns and really work on clients. Thank you.

Real work on references requires multi-faceted collaboration. But to begin with, you can work on the principles of neurofeedback on the people around you, which includes finding points and doing evaluations. We will install the software for the participants along with the sample data so that you can practice with the software after the workshop and become proficient.

I'm sorry, one more question, so we don't need to have the device to practice on the people around us after the workshop?

You only need a meter for spotting! I told you the solution for the software. All that remains is the real case that you can have in the form of internship sessions if you need it. During the course, you will work with the machine on the second and third day and gain experience.

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