What is a brain map?

Quantitative electroencephalography or brain mapping (qEEG) is an advanced form of traditional EEG. In the EEG, the electrical activity of the human brain is recorded by electrodes placed on the surface of the skin and indicates the activity of the underlying membrane of the skin, which are called brain waves. qEEG or brain map data analysis, using mathematical methods and matching it with the database, converts these waves into small values to compare and check the correct functioning of the brain. In this case, it is possible to diagnose possible diseases in the individual by comparing the test values with the values obtained from the brain map of the normal population. For example, alpha frequency is dominant during rest and delta frequency during sleep. When, in a certain situation, the dominant frequency band of a person is different from that of a healthy person, it means that there is a disorder in the brain, and the diagnosis is made by comparing these frequencies. With this brief explanation, you can understand the importance of this product in today’s society.

محصولات حوزه نقشه مغزی

Our products in the brain map


Brain mapping devices or Electroencephalography (EEG) are known as a very important diagnostic and research tool in the scientific and medical field. These devices use sensitive electrodes to record patterns of electrical activity in the brain. Brain mapping enables researchers and clinicians to non-invasively and in real-time examine the brain’s electrical activity. These devices are useful in diagnosing brain diseases such as epilepsy, sleep disorders and some mental disorders. Also, the study of cognitive states and human emotions is also possible using EEG. Overall, brain mapping devices play a vital role in improving our knowledge of brain function and diagnosing brain disorders

Accessories in the brain map


Brain mapping caps are one of the most important and vital components in the process of recording brain electrical activity. These caps include electrodes and sensor systems that are placed on the person’s head and record electrical signals produced by neurons. These signals represent brain activity and can be used as brain maps. Brain mapping hats play a very important role in scientific research and clinical applications and allow researchers and professionals to easily follow the process of brain activities and perform the necessary brain analysis. Brain mapping helmets generally consist of a series of sensor electrodes that are placed on the person and connected to the brain nerves. These electrodes detect electrical signals generated by the activity of neurons and are connected to brain mapping devices that analyze and interpret the recorded information. Brain mapping helmets are very popular as an effective tool in studying human brain activity due to their convenience and ease of use. With the advancement of technology, brain mapping helmets have also seen great improvements in signal quality and data recording accuracy, which has made their use in scientific research and clinical applications continue to increase.

Software required for brain mapping


Brain mapping software are programs and tools used to analyze and process EEG data. These softwares enable users, including researchers, doctors, and specialists in neuroscience, psychology, and other related fields, to access the electrical activity patterns of the brain in more detail and analyze the results of the studies.



Quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG) or brain electrical activity map (BEAM) is an advanced form of electroencephalography (EEG). Its process is such that the EEG information obtained from the brain surface, after being subjected to one of the signal processing methods, becomes a spatial (topographical) display of brain activity or seizures (American Institute of Medicine, 2008). The obtained images are specified as a map (diagram) of the brain and the information is analyzed based on the size of the domain, frequency and location of activity. These obtained raw data are then compared with the brain waves of the normal population and in this way the specific seizure type, location and possible medical and psychiatric disease are determined.
The purpose of the QEEG workshop is to acquaint the participants with how to obtain the QEEG report and analyze the information obtained from it, as well as the applications of this method in clinical and research fields.

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Company introduction

In 1996, Mitsar, a well-known medical equipment manufacturer in Russia, began to develop advanced EEG systems for neurophysiology and performance diagnosis to respond to this need, and since its establishment, it has been at the forefront of EEG system development for scientific research and Clinical applications remained and very soon he was able to get the approval of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for this product.

Farmed, as the first company in the field of neuroscience (18 years of official activity), started to import these products to Iran many years ago and became the exclusive representative of Mitsar Company in Iran. The currency price of these products, the problems in currency transfer and of course the uncertain delivery time, etc. were the problems that we and the customers were dealing with. Therefore, we decided to produce the hardware (amplifier) in the country by the capable engineers of the research and development unit in cooperation with Mitsar company and integrate it with the software of Mitsar company in order to bring a quality product to the market. We named it Segal Sense. Segal means thinking. Now this quality product is available to the dear experts of our country for scientific research and clinical applications.

Why should we choose the Segal brain mapping device?

The brain mapping device consists of three important components:
• Brain wave recording cap
• amplifier
• Software for recording brain waves
The package of this product has a shielded hat by Ant Holland company. This helmet is the most advanced brainwave recording helmet in the world. The high quality of recording waves, breathable and flexible fabric for long-term use and thin and shielded wires to reduce the noise and weight of the hat are other advantages.
Amplifier of the device: removing environmental noise is one of the most important factors in recording brain signal quality, which Segal Sense device has achieved this by using the latest Active Shielding technology and also using the technical knowledge and high experience of the engineers of the research and development unit. .
Another advantage of this device is the ability to implement all kinds of assemblies in the registration, as well as the easy use and setup of the device.
Device software: Mitsar Company has designed one of the most widely used and complete EEG data recording and analysis software during the last decade called EEGStudio software. This software is recognized as the most popular software in these countries even with its European and American competitors.

The integration of the Segal Sense device and the EEGStudio software along with the ANT quality helmet provides the best quality combination to experts and researchers in the country.
All these things make the only choice to buy a production device inside Segal Sense.

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