BioGraph Infiniti version 6.7:

Note: This version is for users who have version 6.0 or higher installed on their system. Otherwise, this software will not work.

Volume download link software
253 MB Download Biograph Infiniti 6.7.1
62 MB Download Developer Tools 6.7.1
EEG Suite 6.1 Updates
330 MB Download EEG Media Files Update
4 MB Download EEG ProComp2 Update
27 MB Download EEG ProComp5 Update
18 MB Download EEG ProComp Infiniti Update
 Physiology Suite 6.1 Updates
352 MB Download Physiology Media Files Update
8 MB Download Physiology ProComp2 Update
19 MB Download Physiology ProComp5 Update
15 MB Download Physiology ProComp Infiniti Update
 Z-Score Suite 6.1 Update
11 MB Download For ProComp2
11 MB Download For ProComp5
14 MB Download For ProComp Infiniti
Rehab Suite 6.1 Update
36 MB Download For ProComp5 and ProComp Infiniti
37 MB Download For FlexComp
CardioPro Infiniti Update
8 MB Download For users who are using the 64bit version of MS Excel

Version 5.1.4:

If you have version 4 or 5 of this software, you can contact the support department to upgrade to version 5.1.4 for free, or contact the sales department of the company to upgrade to version 6.

You can see the new features of version 6 and 6.7 in the table below.

Strict adherence to IEEE recommendations for NFB systems
Automatic regional settings and preferences
Automatic and manual screen resizing
Professional video-game grade sound manipulation engine
Automatic channel set creation Wizard
Connection Instrument programmer tool (SDK)
Hardware Interface programmer tools (TTLAPI)
Developer Tools (Channels, Screens, Scripts)
Compact Flash data logging
Flash movies with audio
Tones on-the-fly (sine waves, white noise & binaural beats)
DVD Instrument Actions
Flash Animation Instrument
Web Cam Video Feedback Actions
Video synchronised with physiology
AVI Animation Instrument
MIDI, wav & mp3 audio feedback
CD Music audio feedback
Real-time artifact rejection channel
Dynamic z-score instrument providing real-time feedback of all metrics simultaneously