Buying a neurofeedback device

Certain criteria are always considered when buying any device. Depending on the type and application of that device, these criteria can be different. But what criteria should be considered to buy a neurofeedback device?

Due to their nature, medical equipment devices require more sensitivities when choosing and purchasing, some of which are mentioned below:

1- Device brand

Various companies in the world have provided neurofeedback and biofeedback devices. One of the most basic points to pay attention to when buying a neurofeedback device is the manufacturer of the device and its working history. Due to the sensitivity of medical equipment, more experience of the manufacturing company is reflected in the final product, and you can choose more easily.

2- International device approvals

When buying a neurofeedback device, you should pay attention to what medical, safety and quality certificates the neurofeedback device has obtained. Having a certificate from the American Food and Drug Administration, the European Union and other reputable organizations in the field of medicine and health is one of the standard things that should be considered when buying a neurofeedback device.

3- Approval of the Ministry of Health of Iran

All medical equipment, whether manufactured or imported for sale, must have the approval of the General Department of Medical Equipment of the Ministry of Health. To be sure of this, you can check the following link, which belongs to the Ministry of Health of Iran, and make sure that the device is approved:

Imported devices link

The link of domestic production devices


4- The provider company, after-sales service and its history

When buying a neurofeedback device, you should pay attention to the after-sales service of the provider company. Constant supply and inventory of basic consumables including glue and gel, free on-site installation and setup services, provision of scientific training on how to use neurofeedback by university professors, technical and software support as soon as possible, these are the points that make experts think when It makes it convenient to offer this treatment to your clients.

5- Neurofeedback software

The complexity of the neurofeedback software is twice that of its hardware. For this reason, when buying a neurofeedback device, you should pay more attention to the neurofeedback software than the hardware. The speed and accuracy of brain wave analysis and its separation into different waves and the calculation of the amplitude and checking of the feedback condition should happen in less than 500 milliseconds.

On the other hand, due to the fact that neurofeedback is used in various fields, the existence of specialized software for each field allows experts to make better use of this method. This issue has caused the neurofeedback devices to be distinguished from each other in this field, and except for two famous brands in the world, other devices use common software whose source is free, which has lower standards and even software bugs have been reported. It makes it difficult to trust their accuracy.

6- The number of input channels of the device

In the neurofeedback device, the number of input channels indicates the ability of the number of parameters that can be recorded simultaneously from only one reference. In common neurofeedback devices in the world, the number of input channels of the device starts from 2 channels. According to the latest scientific articles, the approved treatment protocol does not provide more than two channels at the same time. The reason for this is to meet the conditions that lead to providing feedback. If these conditions are more than a limit, the treatment session becomes difficult for clients and treatment is not possible.

7- Scientific education

Neurofeedback is a relatively new method that experts in related fields do not receive any training on how to use it during their university years. Neurofeedback software is also different and its settings can be effective in the treatment output. For this reason, practical training on how to use the neurofeedback device along with its theoretical and scientific points should be done at the same time in order to expect the maximum efficiency of this method.

Final note: due to the nature of this field that works on the most important organ of the body, please keep in mind that the brain is not a joke. Using non-standard equipment can cause irreparable damage. It can also leave a fake or placebo effect on the person instead of the real effect, which disappears in a short period of time and destroys the society’s trust in this field of modern neuroscience knowledge.

Buying a neurofeedback device

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