The most comprehensive and complete neurofeedback and BioGraph Infiniti biofeedback software

December 2019

New treatment options:

  • Support for the smallest biofeedback device in the world with 3 temperature sensors, skin conductivity and blood pressure EVU TPS SENSOR
  • Support for the new Myonyx biofeedback device
  • Added a standard list of muscle locations for EMG and a 10-20 system list for EEG to more easily specify recording locations.
  • Categories of suites for ease of access

New professional features:


  • New covariance algorithm for more accurate measurement of this indicator of two signals
  • The possibility of extracting visual-auditory stimuli
  • Increasing the number of output information channels through TCP/IP


To update this software, you can refer to the support section of Farmed Tehzih site.

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Neurofeedback and biofeedback softwareBioGraph Infiniti

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