Free webinar on the eye tracking device

Eye tracker systems are one of the most efficient tools in the field of humanities studies. The eye tracking device is a tool to understand eye movement behavior. The human brain automatically directs the eyes to the direction that it pays the most attention to, and as a result, the examination and analysis of eye movements contains valuable information that the brain is currently processing.
Segal tracker 500 device using a 500 frames per second camera and Sharp’s native software can check the point and direction of eye fixation and movement, user identification, eye movement tracking on the monitor screen or in the real world, pupil size, saccade check and It has the speed.
This webinar will be held by Mr. Dr. Abolqasmi, Ph.D. in cognitive neurosciences in the field of data science, and Dr. Dr. Wahabi, Ph.D. in cognitive neurosciences, in the field of cognitive modeling according to the features of the eye movement tracking device produced by the research and development unit of FarmDtehiz Company.

Time: Thursday, February 13 – 18:00 to 20:00



Specifications of the Segal tracker 500 device


Applications of the device in the fields of: sports-neuromarketing-artificial intelligence-research


Phone number for more information: 02188503633 – 09024724397

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