SEGAL Stim ST-11 device

Segal means thinking and boasting

The SegalStim Pro tDCS-CES device produced by Farmed Equipment Group, as its name suggests, hopes to improve thinking and ability to think in the hands of the dear experts of the country.

This pharm-like obsession in choosing the brand name and brand that is followed in each and every production process of this product, has been worked, designed and thought about for almost three years in the research and development team of this company, so that the product is worthy and suitable for the strict audience. It should be like Farmed.

We are also proud to present our Segal Stim electrical brain stimulation tES device, a two-channel model with all stimulation modes tdcs, tRNS, tES…. In the treatment of disorders such as depression, addiction, stroke and similar cases.




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Segal Stim Pro tDCS-CES device using transcranial electrical stimulation for cases such as

  • pain relief
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increased focus
  • Mood improvement
  • Reduce cravings for addiction
  • Stroke and…

It has clinical application.

This device provides electrical stimulation with two independent and separate channels, each channel applies the following stimulation modes:

  • tDCS stimulation or direct current electrical brain stimulation
  • tACS stimulation or electrical brain stimulation with alternating current
  • tRNS stimulation or electrical stimulation with random noise
  • tPCS stimulation or electrical stimulation with pulsed current
  • The special mode of fake electrical stimulation or sham

In addition to clinical use, these stimulation modes can also be used in research and research cases, and for personalization of treatment and research, the possibility of changing parameters is easily built into the device.