Free webinar on QEEG brain mapping in neurology and psychiatry

Time: Monday, September 15 – 18:00 to 20:00


Brain map or QEEG is a method in which the information obtained from raw EEG is separated into constituent waves (delta, theta, alpha, etc.) using software and presented in the form of color maps. Then, using existing databases, each of these indicators is compared with the normal society. The amount of information provided is very diverse and can have different uses.

The most common use of QEEG is developing a neurofeedback therapy protocol. This method helps to make the neurofeedback protocol based on each person’s brain wave abnormality, which has shown better and faster effectiveness than the disorder-based protocols.

Another application of QEEG is to help diagnose brain disorders and diseases. This tool can help specialists in differential diagnosis. The non-specificity of the indicators and the observation of some of them jointly in almost heterogeneous disorders showed that QEEG can be a tool to identify the symptoms that are common in different disorders.

One of the more serious applications that QEEG has shown very good evidence for in the last few years is to help predict the response to treatment and various drugs and to personalize the treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders. This issue has been shown in various researches, especially the effectiveness of antidepressants, which helps specialists to identify the best responsive treatment based on the QEEG profile or brain map of each person before starting the treatment, and to have a more accurate, effective and faster treatment process. .

In this webinar, neurologist Dr. Mahdi Dehghani and Mr. Comfort Engineer will present their content about QEEG and its difference from classic EEG, the use of brain mapping in diagnosing and predicting response to treatment, as well as the role of QEEG in personalizing treatment and choosing medicine. .

Webinar video

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