EEG/MEG in pediatric epilepsy

Time: Wednesday, October 28 at 19:30

Organizer: Netherlands ANT Neuro company

About 30-40% of children with epilepsy are medically refractory and may require brain surgery to stop seizures (Laxer et al., 2015). At Boston Children’s Hospital, patients with epilepsy undergo preoperative evaluation using multiple brain imaging modalities, including pediatric MEG and brain wave systems, to estimate the location of the region responsible for the seizure and determine the best strategy for surgical intervention.

This presentation will address the clinical work process and research projects of Boston Children’s Hospital’s MEG/EEG program for patients with epilepsy. Methods described will include patient preparation, data collection, data preprocessing, and data analysis. The results will be presented for cases such as patients with epilepsy, tuberous sclerosis complex, etc.

Dr. Banu Ahtam is a professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and an assistant professor at Boston Children’s Hospital. He is the Director of the Clinical MEG Program at the Center for Neuroimaging Sciences and Fetal Development. He completed his medical education in the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford University. His projects investigate the brain structure and function of neurodevelopmental disorders using multimodal imaging techniques such as MEG, EEG, DTI, sMRI and rs-fMRI.

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