Electromyography (EMG) biofeedback has been welcomed by physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists for many years to restore skeletal muscle function. This happens by increasing control and strength while creating a better balance in the muscle group. Electrical muscle stimulation (E-Stim) alone and combined with EMG biofeedback is a powerful method that can be effective for people with muscle weakness to restore muscle activity.

Pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence are caused by the lack of rest of the muscles in that area and can be treated with a physiotherapy method called biofeedback. By using biofeedback, the doctor can improve the control of the pelvic floor muscles. Several techniques are used in biofeedback. This tool can detect the contracted or relaxed muscle and create a visual feedback. This visual feedback helps the patient to know that the muscle is moving and therefore control the muscle more accurately.

For this purpose, Farmed Neuroscience Academy is holding its first webinar on biofeedback in rehabilitation with the presence of Dr. Tanaz Ahadi (physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist) and Ms. Roxana Behbahani (physiotherapist).


  • Getting to know the definitions and concepts of biofeedback therapy
  • Electrodecoding and SEMG signal recording
  • Getting to know the principles of electrical stimulation in pelvic floor muscles

Contacts: physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists

Time: Thursday from 10 to 12 noon

Contact phone number to get more information: 02188503633 – extension 3

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