Free webinar on the role of breathing in neurofeedback

Time: Tuesday, November 4 – 18:00 to 20:00

Breathing is one of the most basic physiological functions. We usually breathe automatically most of the time without any attention. Practicing and applying deep and slow voluntary breathing exercises can also be beneficial for mental health and help reduce the effects of stress on our body system. Research has shown that if the ratio of exhalation to inhalation is 2 to 1, the cardiovascular system will function optimally. It has been shown that proper breathing increases the amount of oxygen received by the brain and improves blood circulation, resulting in more optimal brain activity.

In this webinar, Dr. Mahdieh Rahmanian will present the effects of breathing on the nervous system, the relationship between breathing and different brain waves, and how to increase the effect of neurofeedback using breathing exercises. Dr. Mahdieh Rahmanian has a PhD in clinical psychology from Delhi University, India, a member of the faculty of Payam Noor University in Tehran and a lecturer at the European Biofeedback Foundation BFE in the Middle East.

Webinar video

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