Hyperactivity book in colloquial language

کتاب بیش‌فعالی

What is hyperactivity? Who is called hyperactive? What are the causes, signs and symptoms of hyperactivity and its current treatments?
These are examples of questions for those who work in the field of children and adolescents professionally (therapists, teachers, coaches) and non-specialists (parents). The book “Hyperactivity in layman’s language” is perhaps one of the simplest, most understandable and practical books in the field of hyperactivity that can easily answer your questions and clear up your doubts.

This book was authored by Mrs. Soheila Torabi, a senior expert in clinical psychology who works in the field of children and adolescents, and edited by Dr. Mahdieh Rahmanian, a member of the Faculty of Payam Noor University in Tehran and one of the teachers of Farmed School in Iran, and it can be of great help. Good for those who are somehow involved in this disorder.

Some of the topics discussed in this book include: definition of hyperactivity, types of hyperactivity, symptoms of hyperactivity at different ages, different treatments for this disorder and practical solutions.

This book is sponsored by Farmed Tehzih Company and published by Mehrsa Publications and is provided free of charge to customers so that they can use it for the use of clients and their parents. If you want to get this book, you can contact the collection.

If you want to get the book, you can call 02188503633 extension 7 or send your request through the comments section.

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