Loretta Neurofeedback Free Webinar

Time: Thursday, November 20 – from 18:00 to 20:00

Loretta neurofeedback is one of the newest and most specialized methods of neurofeedback in which feedback is provided based on the activity of brain areas. Loretta is a method based on the inverse problem solving method, which examines the deep brain function based on EEG waves. This method was created by Pascual-Marqui and gradually developed under the title of sLORETA and eLORETA.

This type of neurofeedback has two major differences from traditional neurofeedback:

  1. Unlike the traditional neurofeedback, which only gives feedback based on the activity of one electrode, the feedback is based on more channels (at least 19 channels) and based on the deep function of the cerebral cortex.
  2. Unlike the traditional method where the conditions set for the feedback signal are based on increasing or decreasing predetermined frequencies, in this method, feedback is provided based on the standard deviation of the depth brain activity compared to the average depth activity of the normal community corresponding to the target age group. In other words, the purpose of practicing neurofeedback in this method is to bring the deep function of the brain closer to the deep function of normal society.

In this webinar, neurologist Dr. Mahdi Dehghani, neurologist Dr. Majid Torabi, and engineer Asaish will present the basics of Loretta, the mechanism of Loretta Neurofeedback and the applications of Loretta Neurofeedback in various neurological and mental disorders.

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Loretta neurofeedback machine

لورتا نوروفیدبک

Loretta Neurofeedback workshop

کارگاه نوروفیدبک

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