Neuroguide QEEG brain map software of Applied Neuroscience Company

Neuroguide software of American Applied Neuroscience company is the most widely used software for QEEG or brain mapping, which was presented for the first time in Iran and the Middle East by Pharmed Tehiz company.





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NeuroGuide NeuroGuide software of the American Applied Neuroscience Company is the most widely used software for QEEG or brain mapping, which was presented for the first time in Iran and the Middle East by Farmed Tehiz company. Farmed Equipment Company, having the exclusive agency of Applied Neuroscience Company of America, one of the most prominent companies in the field of QEEG, which has provided NeuroGuide software, is the only company that supplies this software with an updateable database. This software has the ability to provide a raw brain map in different montages and the number of different channels, and in three specific 19-channel montages, it is able to provide a brain map compared to the Normal Database community. Among its other features, the following can be mentioned:

  1. It has a normal database of N=727 from 6 months to 82 years old in both open and closed eyes
  2. Automatic and manual removal of artifacts
  3. Detection and display of eye movement, blinking and sleepiness and removing them
    Alteration of recorded EEG montage
  4. Raw LORETA display to determine spike, tumor and their exact location
  5. Showing the validity of EEG after removing the artifacts in it in two different ways for each of the recorded points
  6. Showing the raw brain map and also based on the Z score separately and including the
  7. parameters of Absolute Power, Relative Power, Power Ratio, Coherence, Phase Lag, Asymmetry in different bands Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, High Beta, Low Alpha, High Alpha , SMR, Beta 2 (15-18Hz), Beta 3 (18-25Hz), Gamma and also in single Hz.

The first version of Norguide software was introduced in 2002, and currently more than 100 versions have been updated and many features have been added, some of which are:

Neurofeedback Z-Score:
Using this function of Neuroguide software, it is possible to provide feedback based on the individual’s own waves and online comparison with the normal database, which makes neurofeedback more accurate. It is possible to provide feedback up to 19 channels simultaneously.

This allows us to determine the waves obtained from a point on the head, at what depth of the brain surface, and how it is distributed.

LD and TBI Discriminant Functions:
With this feature of Neuroguide software, it is possible to help diagnose learning disorders and brain injuries.

LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback:
It helps to provide feedback based on the waves generated from the deep areas of the brain.

It evaluates and provides feedback based on Brodmann’s areas and their relationship with each other.

Automatic Clinical Report:
Another option is the Neuroguide software, which creates a final report and specifies the undesirable items and specifies the protocol if neurofeedback is needed.

Neuroguide software is compatible with various EEG devices that must have minimum features for the report to be reliable. Farmed provides a variety of EEG brainwave recording devices for different applications.