SEGAL STIM electrical brain stimulation

CES and tES devices work with the same mechanism and based on the same principles. Both devices modulate the central nervous system and produce measurable changes in the brain, but they have different uses. Scientists and doctors are still experimenting with tES to determine what conditions it might treat. On the other hand, CES has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for anxiety, depression and insomnia.
Pros of TES:
Potential for ameliorating neurological diseases Potential for treating mental health disorders such as:
Depression – Migraine – Stress and anxiety – Rehabilitation after stroke – Sleep disorders – Reducing cravings for addiction – Improving cognitive abilities such as: memory, learning, attention and concentration
Anorexia and overeating, tinnitus, chronic pains

Benefits of CES
FDA approved treatment for depression, anxiety and insomnia – affordable – available – home use – very low risk of side effects – safe and effective


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