29th ISNR Annual Conference

The International Society of Neurofeedback and ISNR Research, one of the most important neurofeedback organizations in the world, will hold its 29th annual conference on July 4-6, 1400 in virtual form. 24 retraining points by the American Psychological Association APA will be awarded to the participants of this conference.

In this conference, the latest findings and applications of various technologies are presented by the best international experts in this field. Examining the effects of the Covid-19 virus on the brain, behavior and its correlation with QEEG and treatment methods for cognitive problems caused by it are also among the programs of this conference. In addition to the main programs, various educational workshops have been held and there is also a poster presentation section. Creating small groups to discuss and exchange ideas and share knowledge and experience is another part of this conference.

Conference program

کنفرانس ISNR

List of workshops

Foundations of Heart Rate Variability Bioefeedback (Presented in Spanish)

– Miriam Sanches-Gama & Dolores Gaxiola

Deeper Understanding and Better Treatment with HBImed Database

– Andreas Muller, Diana Martinez-Huerta, Angelka Sadar, & Leon Morales-Quezada

Principles of Noninvasive Neuromodulation in Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders

– Leon Morales-Quezada, Mirret El-Hagrassy, & Deniz Doruk Camsari

Filling in the Gaps: Intermediate Topics, Intermediate Level Questions and Discussion

– Glenn Weiner

How Immunity, Epigentics, and Inflammation Impact Neuromodulation: What Clinicians Need to Know

– Penijean Gracefire & Alexandra Linardakis

Advanced Ethics in qEEG and Neuroregulation

– Robert Longo & Leslie Sherlin

Integrating Clinical Hypnosis and Neurofeedback

– Steve Warner

Neuroregulation for Persistent Symptoms Following Traumatic Brain Injury

– Tanya Morosoli

Event-Related Potentials in Real Time for Assessment and Feedback

– Thomas Collura, Ronald Bonnstetter, Estate Sokhadze, et al.

Neurofeedback as an Assisting Tool to Analytically Oriented Psychotherapeutic Clinic (Presented in Portuguese)

– Cinara Ferreira Soares

BCIA Exam Review Course

– Mark Jones

Creating Functional EEG Reports with the HBImed Report Generator

– Mitchell Sadar & Angelika Sadar

Introductions to Deymed 2 Channel Neurofeedback System with Emphasis on Operant Conditioning for Home and Clinical Use

– Rex Cannon

Electroencephalogram: Linking Neuology, Psychiatry, and Neurofeedback

– Castellano, Swatzyna, Kerasidis, & Turner

The Principles and Practice of Photobiomodulation Relevant to Neurofeedback Updated for 2021

– Lew Lim

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کنفرانس ISNR

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