Rhythm and acceleration in TMS brain magnetic stimulation

Time: Thursday, June 22 at 19:30

Organizer: UK Magstim Company


Magstim Academy Lecture Series – Rhythm and Acceleration – recent advances in TMS treatment for mood disorders. Mark George, MD, Nolan Williams, MD and Martijn Arns, PhD will present on their recently published and on-going TMS studies.

The first session of our Magstim Academy lecture series was a resounding success with several hundred registrants from across the globe. We are now looking forward to our second lecture which will be held on June 11th, 11am-2pm EDT with presentations from Mark George, MD, Nolan Williams, MD and Martijn Arns, PhD.

Each presentation runs approximately 30 minutes followed by 10-minute Q&A session. Session will conclude with poster presentations.

Mark George, MD Presentation & Q&A – Does rhythm matter in using TMS for treating depression like it does in dancing? New data from Charleston.

Nolan Williams, MD Presentation & Q&A – Stanford Accelerated Intelligent Neuromodulation Therapy (SAINT).

Martijn Arns, PhD- Presentation & Q&A – Neuro-Cardiac-Guided TMS (NCG TMS) to target the depression network: Possibilities for rTMS treatment stratification?

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