Free QEEG and Exercise Webinar

Time: Saturday, August 2 – 18:00 to 20:00


Increasing the efficiency and improving the athlete’s performance in performance is one of the major concerns of sports researchers today. One way to increase our understanding of how we reach peak performance is to study brain waves, or EEG. If skilled performance in a particular domain is associated with a person’s EEG profile, recording and analyzing it can help us understand the brain processes behind that performance.

In this webinar, Dr. Ruhollah Basatnia talked about how to record the EEG of athletes during activity or at rest, the types of analyzes that can be performed on the recorded EEG, and real examples of the QEEG of athletes who are at IFMARK Medical Center as well as the Iranian national archery team. have done will provide

Webinar video

You can download the book and article introduced by the teacher from the link below.

Books and articles on exercise and QEEG

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