Our eyes make 3-5 movements every second and these movements are very important in helping us deal with the vast amount of information we encounter in our daily lives. In recent years, thanks to the development of eye-tracking technology, there has been a growing interest in monitoring and measuring these movements, with the aim of understanding how we pay attention and process the visual information around us. Eye tracking as a research tool is now more available than ever and is increasingly used by researchers in various disciplines. Analysts, sports scientists, cognitive psychologists, study researchers, psychologists, neurophysiologists, electrical engineers, and others all have a particular interest in eye tracking for various reasons. However, despite the scientific advances and technological innovations resulting from the recording of eye movements, the development of eye tracking devices was also associated with various challenges. Especially how to design the eye tracking experiment and analyze the data according to the needs.


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Eye tracking is an advanced technology that analyzes eye movements and provides valuable information about user behavior in relation to content and user interfaces. This information helps designers and developers make effective improvements to their websites, software, and products. Also, this technology can be used as a powerful tool in psychology, neuroscience and marketing research. However, due to the sensitivity of user privacy issues, it is necessary to use the eye tracker with caution and respect privacy principles. Users’ personal information must be properly protected and used with the users’ knowledge

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