Waveguard Connect brain signal recording cap

An EEG (electroencephalography) cap is a device used to measure and record the electrical activity of the brain. These caps contain electrodes that are placed on the surface of the head and record the electrical signals produced by the neurons. The data recorded from these hats helps therapists, psychiatrists, neuroscience researchers and other experts analyze and interpret the brain function and mental state of the individual.
Waveguard Connect hats are of high quality, durable and easy to use and are in accordance with the standards of the original Waveguard model. Various smart technologies make this product suitable for hospitals, clinics, offices and all clinical centers due to shortening the registration time and convenience for the patient.
The main difference, or rather the exception, of the Waveguard Connect model hats is the use of soft silicone plates in the electrodes instead of the hard and uncomfortable plastic plates that are usually used in the hats of other manufacturers of this type of electrodes. Waveguard helmets feature hidden wiring and high-density connectors that make wearing and maintaining the helmets quick, safe and easy.
The Connect model Waveguard cap is perfect for everyday clinical signal recording where good signal quality is very important for evaluation. Also, as mentioned, this model is very useful for recording signals during sleep due to the difference in the material of the fabric and the silicone electrodes.
Can be connected to Segal Sense, Neurosoft®, NicoletOne®, Nihon Kohden®, Mitsar®, Micromed®, etc. devices and available in two 21-channel layouts (10-20 layout)


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EEG is widely used to diagnose the following:
Attention Deficit (ADHD), Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Dyslexia, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke, Schizophrenia, Brain Tumor
EEG and Wavegaurd helmets are comfortable and high-quality helmets that enable high-quality data recording easily.

Easy to use and clean
Adapters available for all major EEG systems
Has a one-year warranty

EEG-ERP wave shields were primarily developed for use in EEG-ERP studies and are therefore an excellent tool for recording and examining responses to specific cognitive, motor, or sensory stimuli over a period of time.
EEG-TMS All wave shield EEG caps are compatible with Transcranial Magnetic EEG can be recorded during the TMS experiment, with very high quality and short artifact recovery time.
EEG-fMRI surge protectors are available in an MRI compatible version. For the optimal quality of the EEG signal, more care has been taken to arrange the wires inside the cap. Safety resistors are included in each electrode. If desired, shielded wires can be used to optimally suppress interference in the MRI scanner.
EEG-MEG MEG/EEG recording and storage can be performed using non-magnetic shielded EEG connectors. Very thin wires are optimal for use in MEG helmets. Optionally, an opening in the cap is provided for direct access to the head positioning coils. Various cap connectors ensure compatibility with all major MEG manufacturers.z

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